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Welcome to R/R Styling Studio, a sanctuary of luxury and style born out of a passion for serving our community with unparalleled beauty experiences. Nestled at the intersection of opulence and expertise, our studio is a manifestation of the belief that everyone deserves to indulge in the artistry of self-care.

At R/R Styling Studio, we redefine beauty with a commitment to excellence. Our skilled artisans, handpicked for their mastery, transform each visit into a symphony of elegance. With a focus on personalized service, we strive to create an environment where clients not only leave looking stunning but feeling cherished.

We believe in more than just hair care; we believe in creating moments of indulgence and self-expression. Our dedication to the craft is matched only by our dedication to our community. R/R Styling Studio is more than a salon; it's a hub where relationships are nurtured, and beauty is celebrated. "Salon" was purposefully left out of our name, because we are so much more than a "salon".

Step into a realm where every strand tells a story of meticulous care, and each visit is an opportunity to revel in luxury. At R/R Styling Studio, we invite you to experience a harmonious blend of sophistication and warmth—a haven where beauty meets belonging. Join us on this journey, where your style is our masterpiece, and your satisfaction is our legacy.
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    Hi! My name is Blue and I love all things in the name of beauty! I am an Aveda Alumni Graduate since 2020, and have exceptional knowledge of the color field. I specialize in blondings, vivids, and standard color. I’d love to have you in my chair!



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