Learn Up On Our Ethically Sourced Premium Remy Human Hair Extensions

The pursuit of confidence through beautifully styled hair is not just a goal; it's a declaration that every hairstylist aspires to fulfill. Perfectress is not just a brand; it's a guiding force turning those dreams into reality. We firmly believe that a hairstylist is the embodiment of an entrepreneur, and in that spirit, we are here to empower and inspire.

Our premium hair extensions are crafted to cater to all women, transcending age, ethnicity, and hair texture. We bring forth unique and efficient techniques that not only elevate the overall look but also safeguard the integrity of natural hair.

With over 50 years of experience in sourcing premium Remy Hair, we've solidified our position as an independent leader in hair extension manufacturing. Perfectress prides itself on being a "Fair Trade" based company. Following stringent ethical guidelines, we exclusively source the healthiest, freshly cut, raw Remy Hair. We never compromise on quality — our hair is never stored long-term, purchased from other suppliers, or obtained from unknown collectors.


Discover our exclusive collection of premium Euro Blend Hair, a luxurious blend of the finest European hair that sets us apart from the competition. As the sole provider of this high-quality hair in the country, we pride ourselves in delivering an unparalleled experience that leaves you looking and feeling your best. Though prices may be higher, the unmatched quality of our Premium Euro Blend hair is well worth the investment. Trust us to help you achieve the perfect look that will make heads turn.


All naturally drawn extensions are created with lengths that mimic the growth of natural hair. This gives the hair the fluidity of movement. We developed this technique because we have the best interest of the hairdresser at heart. Naturally drawn extensions allow room for blending, making them the most sensible finish to work with.


Our Premium Euro-Blend Remy Hair is infused with a Perma Moisture Treatment. This form of protein is injected directly inside the hair cortex. It prevents the hair from drying out. No chemical treatments are used during this process. With proper maintenance, Remy Hair extensions are reusable up to one year.


source: https://www.perfectress.us/about

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